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I do this anonymously in the hopes that no one really reads this and that I have no friends on here.

I think I am in love… this is my opprotunity to be completely vulnerable..albeit, to myself…but that’s how I want it.

how do I know that this is love? I mean, I miss him.

I know I’m not enough for him, because I’m not the skinny girl…yeah, i’m fat. ha ha not funny tho, i’m working on that.. I want to be in shape for when he comes home, I want to be with him period.

ugh, it is so confusing..this weird relationship of ours.

I don’t know his feelings, but I’m almost certain he doesn’t love me…but should I even be wasting my time on someone who could care less about me?? He doesn’t love me, that is the greatest pain of all…to love in vain.

I wish he knew. I wish I could tell him. Loving him is not worth losing him as a friend.

I’ve never been in love…. I don’t even KNOW if this is love…how do people know these things???

I dunno what to do…

I love you SJS…and that feels right to say.

I LOVE YOU SJS…and w/o sounding like a creeper… i love you wholeheartedly and without judgement..i accept you..with all your faults and flaws..i love it.

ha ha ok…i think that’s enough of the vulnerable time…



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