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I’ve  decided to copy some poems I wrote back when I was in HS…it was a crazy time in my life.

Do you know me?
My name is Love.
It’s the feeling you want.
It’s your mom’s hugs.
Your gram’s kisses.
Your brothers shoves!

…You’re growing

Now you don’t want shoves, hugs or kisses.

You want him.
You want to have him hold you:
when you sleep,
when you cry,

My name is Love.
you want me but, I choose carefully.


How Do You Know?

How do you know if he’s the one?

When he touches your hand, it feels like it’s supposed to be there.

Like you can have on a horrible outfit and you still look gorgeous.

When you sing in the shower and he realizes;

he’s going to hear that the rest of his life and cant wait for future concerts.

You know, when you know.


My Dad Made A Mistake

My dad made a mistake.

He ruined my life

and it hasn’t processed

that I can’t be the me

I should’ve been

I wipe more tears away

than smiles.

I realized life is tough

and so am I.

All my “dads” wrecked me.

I wonder if there’s any more

bastards left.

Where have they gone?

Did they decide to give me a break?

or give me a chance to break?

My dad made a mistake.

He allowed me to be hurt, by not being there.

Torn now.

I’m confused.

My dad made a mistake.

He missed out.

My dad made a mistake.

He let others ruin my life,

when I didn’t even have a chance.

My dad made a mistake…




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