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I miss you. I feel bad for what happened and I know you probably let it roll off your shoulders, but I shouldn’t have behaved that way. I feel like I’ve messed things up, made things awkward. I hope I haven’t. When you text me, I was worrying the whole day…I mean you didn’t say good-bye, so i only figured you were annoyed/angry/over it…whatever.. I mean I really felt bad… I’m sorry.

I also feel like i’ve been thinking about things too much…like from a guys p.o.v. you’re probably thinking that it was fun, until it got complicated. I agree. I let people put things in my head and it gets to me..and that’s why I didn’t want people to know.

plain and simple.. i like talking to you, in fact you’re probably the only person I like talking to. I look forward to your texts in the AM and at the end of the day… I know it sounds stupid, and I’m not this type of chick…but i’m willing to be vulnerable, just to say it. I know that you probably feel the same way, but not in the way that I do. I wasn’t going to say any of this…at the risk of making things awkward, but I wanted to let you know, but don’t think that you have to change or whatever or that things should change..because they shouldn’t.

These are just words.


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