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I really really can’t believe how stupid I sound in my last few posts…UGH! Ha ha how quickly things change…but I really am over him right now…maybe i’ll turn to mush later..but all i see right now…is insincerity… it really bites…i’m pretty sure i’m just bitter he hasn’t texted me since he’s been back since sunday…REALLY? that’s what I deserve?? Don’t you think he owes me a “hey i’m back” or “hey, i hate you” or “hey, i’m done”…. I don’t think he realizes that it’s very easy for me to let go..once you’ve decided you want nothing to do w/me. Like, it really does not bug me.  I can drop people like no other…. i just need to know its ok…ha ha its weird. I’m just frustrated that I haven’t recieved anything…but don’t worry, i’ll get back at him…just wait…if and when he texts me…he’s not going to be very happy…thus begins my happily pushing you away phase…sure he’s cute…but luckily i know more about him than he does me… he knows nothing about me..which is perfect. I’m just waiting… but i’m continuing on with my life…it doesn’t make a difference.. i’m just annoyed with the lack of respect..that’s all…not the unrequited love feelings or whatever…ha ha i’m bitter, but not in the way you think. I’m just needing to vent…it feels better…that I get it all out.

I’m not done, I’ll be back 🙂



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