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Since SUNDAY….nothing…no text… oh my word. I feel so aggrivated… i sent him a flag for his bday and told him happy bday and that i missed him…and for what? to look like an idiot??

I know it sounds dumb..but anytime i’ve ever been confused i always pray that God sends me a sign and usually he does…but nothing this time… i think this is it.

I just want to know why…ya know? like i’m not hurt..i just want to know the reasoning..then after that it’s cool… i don’t even want to make excuses as to why he’s not talking to me…i’m just confused… i’m not about to grovel for his attention..and i’m aware i’m being stubborn… i guess tomorrow i will ask him what’s up…like why he’s not talking to me….

I have to keep telling myself… “i have feelings but not any that he can hurt” I don’t want to admit i’m sad…because i genuinely liked talking to him..but REALLY?? not saying anything is just immature…I can handle whatever he has to say…

but now i’m also afraid i won’t be getting a response back…which will just piss me off….if I don’t…then its a definite adios… should I facebook him???


Stupid boy shit.


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