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Monthly Archives: August 2009

I decided not to respond to his text today…and it killed me. I texted him about 20 min ago to tell him good night…but he didn’t i dunno. I’m just tired of us not talking…its annoying… anyways..I really miss kitty and chancho…I miss having them around..sigh…bad bad decision to live w/ raq and maria….grrr……. oh well…i got like a year or so left…so, i’ll focus on school…plus I like being in my room…feels good.

That’s it..



So I woke up in a crappy alarm clock didn’t go off and it was so annoying..I hate when my phone doesn’t work. Maria is such a complainer. She complains about EVERYTHING. I mean anything under the sun she can find to complain about..she will. She is just too high maintenance lol Love her, but she needs to calm down. I like her better than Raq though. This living situation was a bad idea…Maria should have moved in with Mayra and Hernandez and Raquel should have stayed where she was at…I should have stayed with Kitty and Chancho…worst decision ever. lol Anyways…so I went to work..everything was good…and no good morning text from said boy…he today.. I won’t be texting him..and I’m sure he won’t text me….so if i gotta go to wednesday with this..then I will. I’m just going to make him feel the way I feel when he doesn’t text me. I’m sure he could care less.

Okie dokes…tonight is going to be a good night…regardless…I miss him too much to even stop talking to him…ughhh being a girl is so stupid.

So probe has made things slightly better compared to my last post…it was a confusion in the dates…anyways, I’m just confused about our relationship. He said he only loves me 77%…after 8 mos..(LAME!) but anyways, I don’t know if its a romantic kind or a friendship one…I want to ask, but for fear of making things awkward…i won’t. I’m probably moving too fast. I don’t think I’m in love with him per se..I mean, I care about him deeply…and would care if something happened to him or if we stopped talking…but I’m not sure if I’m in love with him…like, I’ve never been in love, so I don’t know what you do when you’re in love..ya know? i don’t know ha ha but I’m probably at like 88% with my love for a friend I love him 100%..but that kinda starts automatically and goes down as you disappoint me ha ha and 88% romantically…but I wanna know if its friendship wise, because I’d rather stop the 88% before it gets any better..ha ha I think I’m done ranting now.