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So I woke up in a crappy alarm clock didn’t go off and it was so annoying..I hate when my phone doesn’t work. Maria is such a complainer. She complains about EVERYTHING. I mean anything under the sun she can find to complain about..she will. She is just too high maintenance lol Love her, but she needs to calm down. I like her better than Raq though. This living situation was a bad idea…Maria should have moved in with Mayra and Hernandez and Raquel should have stayed where she was at…I should have stayed with Kitty and Chancho…worst decision ever. lol Anyways…so I went to work..everything was good…and no good morning text from said boy…he today.. I won’t be texting him..and I’m sure he won’t text me….so if i gotta go to wednesday with this..then I will. I’m just going to make him feel the way I feel when he doesn’t text me. I’m sure he could care less.

Okie dokes…tonight is going to be a good night…regardless…I miss him too much to even stop talking to him…ughhh being a girl is so stupid.


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